Et In Arcadia Ego


Shrill cries from the canning factory.

Truman has been defeated! –this latest development

Comes on the heels of a blood moon,

Solar eclipse,

And rain of frogs

Over Dutchess County—

All in one week.

Now, in the waning days of the empire,

We busy ourselves with trivialities:

Spending money on frivolous gifts,

Drastically changing our appearance,

Or worse,

Locking ourselves within a prison-house of language.


Detroit is no more.

The whir of machinery slows to a halt.

The tenement homes are scrubbed clean to make way for new victims

Of poverty and woe.

Abandon industry!

Shatter the clocks and calendars to which you are tethered!

Reclaim nature! –as thousands flock

To the wilds of Central Park.

There, baring themselves to the elements,

They make love,

Create art,

And forge a new utopia

Amid the surrounding squalor and moral decay.

© Chester Sakamoto