The earth breathes through the reeds

As a gentle breeze caresses the tops of the tall grass.

From the gray skies, a rain of ash

Like hellfire on the sinners of the world.

Follow the wooden path through dragonfly fields

(Those graceful lords of the air,)

Past the tree-line of Douglas firs

And enter a world untamed by man,

Flanked by walls of granite a mile high,

Whose faces were carved by the hands of God.


The ancient woods echo with laughter.

Here, a trio of young men

Charge, naked, for the cool, inviting waters of the river,

Returning, for a moment, to that idyllic paradise

Before the Fall,

Upon whose shores teem and glisten with gold.


Majestic sphinx,

Eternal guardian who holds up the sky

And has witnessed the passing of the ages,

Protect this hallowed ground,

Keep holy this sacred place.

© Chester Sakamoto