Situated in this vast wasteland,

I find myself alone,

Adrift as a speck of dust

On the winds of time.


A dim glow can be seen on the horizon

As the first star of the evening rises in the eastern sky.

Distant, remote,

I project my hopes and dreams on this lone celestial entity.


Draped on the side of an empty road

Is a surrealist clock.

Studying its mechanisms, I consult my bestiary in a clearing at night

As the howl of the Virginia wolf calls into the void.

Melancholy, Modernist,

Itโ€™s a cry for comfort and reassurance,

Even as itโ€™s drowned out by the sound of rushing water.


The heart on the ultrasound screen

Becomes a telescopic image

Of the universe within us all.

A solitary planet in a sea of nothingness,

Keeping in time with the music of the spheres.

ยฉ Chester Sakamoto