For all my Los Angeles-based bibliophiles, I pose the question: Whatever happened to the West Hollywood Book Fair?  The reason I ask is because it would generally take place around this time of year.

To those of my followers who live outside of Southern California, the West Hollywood Book Fair was an annual event that gathered books, writers, poets, and local artists and artisans together in one place (the West Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles) to celebrate all things literary and creative.  Though the fair would typically last for one day, it was an amazing opportunity to meet and mingle with other book lovers and bibliophiles.

The last fair was almost three years ago now (see the flier above,) and came to an end, according to local blog Wehoville, due to “lack of attendance.”*  This seems absurd to me, because when I went back in 2013 (alas, the one and only time I’ve had the opportunity to attend,) business seemed to be booming.  One would never have suspected that a drop in attendance would be the reason why the festival is currently “on hold” for an indefinite period of time.  It’s very frustrating, because, aside from the even larger Los Angeles Times Festival of Books in April, there aren’t really any other events celebrating books in this city.

*(2/18/14 “West Hollywood Book Fair, with Attendance Falling, is Put on Hiatus for 2014”)